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WITH MANY offices,  employees and  destinations WE OFFER

Warehousing & Depot Operations

We provide value-added warehouse and inland depot logistics

International & Local Forwarding

With experienced staff at all entry/exit points we offer clearence in EA, South Sudan   DRC.

Customs Brokerage

Our expertise in compliance guarantees accurate and timely clearance of your freight across borders

Freight Services

We offer a full range of freight services including air, land or sea delivery options


Aerosea World Logistics Ltd


In an increasing competitve global market, flexibility, reliability, speed, accuracy, security and value are all critical element to consider when choosing a logistics company. Aerosea World Logistics Ltd understands and meets this requirements by providing customized logistics solutions. The greater Eastern African region provides unique logistical challenges that demands a higher level of expertise. As a leading logistics service provider for many companies regionally and internationally, AeroSea World Logistics  provides an efficient supply chain into the region.



Our Location

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