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Why Us

Our contribution to clients’ satisfaction goes a long way in helping them reach their business objectives by providing them with value added services. We work closely to better understand the clients’ business needs and design solutions to improve the effectiveness of their supply chains. This makes our clients to benefit from;

Elimination of potential liabilities caused by incorrect customs classifications. Freight Logistics takes a holistic view at international supply chains and continually re-builds expertise in global logistics and trade management.

Mitigated risks of supply chain interruptions at customs. This is ensured by regulating compliance, identifying and generating cost savings initiatives for our clients.

Controlled sourcing and transportation costs through detailed views of various cost activities along the supply chain, improving decision making and management for sourcing and logistics. We are determined to make importing and exporting hassle-free, compliant and reliable for our clients, and support sourcing decisions prior to the goods leaving their origin.

Further benefits include reduction of costs by streamlining shipping activities and leveraging the buying power of Freight Logistics. Our flexible brokerage services are designed to meet truckload transportation or the consolidation of less-than-truckload shipments.

We provide and advice on best rates, the best routes, and best services with the simplicity of a single touch of phone and single point of contact.



Our Services

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